Facilitation magic!

I am stoked, excited, happy, satisfied. Yesterday, I experienced the magic of facilitating an in-person session and an online session.

I facilitate many sessions in these “venues” yet having these two events back-to-back intensified the comparison of what worked, and how, in each session in a different setting, a wonderful experience was had.

Yes, the magic in the online and the in-person sessions was different yet existed in abundance.

A wand with coloured stars coming out of it and the word Magic in big black print.

The in-person session was one hour with eight staff to gain their input into a three-year plan for a library. The second session was online via Zoom with eight board members and leadership staff to conduct an environmental scan of factors that might affect the plan.

What was the magic?

😀 Let’s start with the most important ingredient, the #participants. Each individual, in person or online, entered the space with a smile. In each session, before the formal start, I greeted them and we chatted informally as we waited for others. The in-person group responded enthusiastically and with curiosity about #images and items on the tables. The online participants chatted about each other’s backgrounds. Throughout the sessions, each person contributed, listened, and enthusiastically acknowledged each other’s statements.

I designed the #process to be interactive starting with each person saying what they appreciated about the library. We moved into connecting in pairs and trios about the next topic. I used a variation of 1-2-4-All from #liberatingstructures in person and Mural online. In both sessions, I used worksheets for participants to complete individually and then discuss in #smallgroups.

During the in-person session, energy came from participants being able to observe each other as they talked in small groups and physically moving around the space. Online, this energy was not lost as we agreed that we could call on each person by name to find out what they thought. During the large group time, participants talked directly to each other without prompting. I don’t always see this in online sessions. It was wonderful magic and I will invite other small groups to intentionally address each other in the future. Also, I gave lots of small group breakout room time.

For both sessions, I sent information about #purpose,  #products to be produced, and the #priorities during the sessions. People came prepared.

Also, I designed and facilitated with the belief that each venue would work and that beneficial results would occur. My positive #mindset was instrumental in creating magic.

Yesterday’s #facilitation affirmed to me again that #magic exists online and in person. It’s not limited to one setting. Design with magic in mind!

Contact me to talk about facilitation magic at www.barbpedersen.ca.

Facilitation magic!
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