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Barbara Pedersen Facilitation Calgary

Purpose Statement:

Barbara Pedersen Facilitation Services Inc. designs and facilitates processes to
help people engage in meaningful discussions, reach effective decisions, and develop beneficial and realistic plans.


Barbara Pedersen Facilitation Services Inc. (BPFS) commits
to providing excellent services to communities, business, and government in the areas of
group facilitation, strategic and organizational planning, community development and engagement,
public participation, research and writing, and leisure, culture, and recreation consultation. BPFS has operated as a full-time training, facilitation, and consultation business since July 1994 and provides services throughout Canada. 


Barbara Pedersen is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators.



The principal facilitator/consultant with the company is Barbara Pedersen who has over thirty years of experience with municipal community services, non-profit organizations, community development, and culture and recreation delivery. Since 1994, Barb has provided facilitation and consulting services to a variety of non-profit, corporate, and government organizations.

Barb worked as the Recreation, Parks, and Culture Manager with regional recreation boards and advisory boards in the communities of Westlock (1978-1982) and Parkland County (1982-1994).  She was the Master Trainer in Long and Short Term (Strategic) Planning with the SKILLS Volunteer program in Alberta from 1986 to 1991. In this capacity, she consulted with numerous organizations across Alberta and facilitated community-planning processes.


Barb obtained a BA with Distinction (Recreation Administration) in 1978 from the University of Alberta and has supplemented it with various courses in community development and planning, management, public participation processes, adult education, and group facilitation. Barb has completed training programs with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (Canada), an organization committed to creating change through facilitation. Barb has trained in the facilitation methods of ToPTM Technology of Participation, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, the Skilled Facilitator, Dynamic Facilitation, and The Art of Hosting Conversations.


Barbara Pedersen recently obtained her professional certification. Barb is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators.

Core Values