Month: March 2023

Facilitate Active Listening with a staff team

Two people standing and facing each other. One is talking and gesturing and one is listening intently.

In a recent team building session with a staff team, I spontaneously facilitated an Active Listening technique as a group activity to help the participants enhance their communication skills. I usually use Active Listening with individuals talking in pairs. In

Facilitating communication skills with Listening Quotes

A list of ten quotes about listening.

I recently facilitated a session with a staff team to help them learn, practice, and apply communication skills. I am sharing some of the techniques I used and to which participants responded enthusiastically. This post is about listening quotes; my

Facilitation magic!

Facilitation magic!

I am stoked, excited, happy, satisfied. Yesterday, I experienced the magic of facilitating an in-person session and an online session. I facilitate many sessions in these “venues” yet having these two events back-to-back intensified the comparison of what worked, and