The Healing Power of Conversation

All I want for Christmas is to express my deepest appreciation for every person who contributed to a group conversation and to the facilitators who supported them. I, and I think, many other people, feel there is little we can

A Warm Face in Facilitation

One of my favorite #facilitation activities which I created years ago is the “Warm Face.” Recently, I used this activity with two organizations; Wood Buffalo Regional Library and ElderCare Edmonton. Each group was developing a strategic plan. The Warm Face is a wonderful opening conversation.

A Facilitation Moment #5 – Taking a risk

I took a risk and placed participants “on the spot.” Here’s my story in Post #5 in my short series of #facilitationmoments. During the first part of a 1½ day workshop involving two organizations considering amalgamation, I noticed that two

A Facilitation Moment: a challenge by a participant

A Facilitation Moment: a challenge by a participant

A facilitation moment. You know it! You are facilitating a group and this happens. ➡ A participant forcefully challenges an activity.➡ A participant challenges you or someone else about an idea.➡ A individual stands up and yells at everyone.And so