Facilitate … with inspiration from a Christmas Poem!


Twas the Night before the Workshop

(with thanks and apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

‘Twas the night before the workshop and all through the home,

The facilitator was texting on her smartphone.

The docs were uploaded to the Skype conference call;

E-mail invites were accepted by one and by all.


The laptop was snuggled all secure in its case,

And the camera was charging, settled into its base.

The felt markers were packed in the workshop supply kit.

The facilitator took a deep breath; no need for a fit.


When out in the office there arose such a clatter,

She dashed to her desk to see what was the matter.

The phone was ringing and the text was blinking.

She took a quick look and her heart was sinking.


An emergency note from the client arrived.

Could she plan an extra day to help them thrive?

So much to discuss; so much to decide,

They needed three days with her as a guide.


She looked at her day timer and took a deep breath.

With a bit of rescheduling, she could do her best.

She phoned her client and agreed to the plan.

She said to herself, “I know that I can.”


Serving the client was her strongest desire.

Hosting great conversations was how she was “wired”.

So, she stayed up a few hours and reworked the design.

She knew in her heart that all would be fine.


The facilitator went to bed excited yet steady,

To help the group the next day, she surely was ready!


To all facilitators! I wish you calm nights before the workshop!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Facilitate … with inspiration from a Christmas Poem!
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