Facilitate with balance … especially in the new year!

As I work at my computer at the start of 2017, my thoughts wander to work/family/play balance. How am I doing with this balance? I know my family is my #1 biggest and best priority and I will drop work to play with and to help them. Usually, my work is play (except for bookkeeping!) and I keep a good balance between work and play. Although, this does slip. Three Christmases ago, I took 1½ days off to celebrate and then was back to the office. NOT doing that again!


As I ponder about balances in life, I realize that I have another teeter-totter that I frequently ride. It is the balance between “live” facilitation and “behind the scenes” preparation and report writing. I often go through stretches of work where I am facilitating on-site or virtually with a group. Then, I will go through stretches where I am designing sessions, researching information, and writing reports. I find that after weeks of live facilitation, I long for the quiet, and reflection and introspection time that work in my office gives me. Then, after several weeks of behind the scenes, I am eager to be back with a group, working together, talking, laughing and achieving success.

I know that I am very fortunate to ride this facilitation teeter-totter! As long as the stretches on each end aren’t too long!

My facilitation blog questions are: What are you balancing in your life and work? How do you deal with actual facilitation and behind the scenes preparation and writing work?

Facilitate with balance … especially in the new year!