Team building

Team Building Approaches

Barb designs team building sessions using a blend of the following approaches to best suit your situation, needs, and participants.

Better Teams Model

Barb is certified in the Better Teams Model through the Better Teams Academy. This model starts with five components that comprise an effective team. With the model, Barb offers team assessments, team building activities, and team planning.

Leadership Inventories

Barb uses two leadership style inventory exercises in which each individual identifies their style and then as a team, discuss and plan how to use the styles effectively. One inventory is the DISC Assessment and the other is from the Niagara Leadership College.

Use of Team Models

Barb incorporates team development and performance models into team sessions, facilitating conversations about them. An example is the Tuckman Model of forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning.

Team Building through standard work of your team

Barb designs a team building session incorporating the team’s standard work functions and projects. Examples are: strategic or operational planning, community engagement, budgets, program development, project management. A team is stronger and more effectively uses the team building experience through applying it to its standard work.

Team building activities for fun

Sometimes a team wishes to gather for only the purpose of having fun. Barb uses humour in all her sessions and can facilitate activities which are primarily to give team members a chance to laugh together.