Facilitation and training

Facilitation and training:

As a facilitator, and with her knowledge of group facilitation, Barb helps a group decide what it wants to achieve; then hold meaningful and at times, difficult, conversations; and, ultimately, reach beneficial and well-supported decisions. Barb incorporates Focus on the important information and perspectives, Fervour and passion about the topic and decisions, and Fun activities into discussions.

As a trainer, Barb believes in learn to do by doing; and therefore, uses experiential activities and practical examples to help participants understand and apply information. Barb trains in group facilitation, community development and engagement and team building.

Examples of projects and processes

Canadian Cancer Society of Alberta

Over a three year process, Barb is designing and facilitating a series of workshops throughout the major cities in Alberta concerning the development of smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing. She provides advice and expertise about community and stakeholder engagement and will write reports from the workshops. In the third year of the process, Barb will train partner stakeholders in ways to continue to support landowners in smoke-free policy implementation.

Active Creative Engaged (ACE) Communities with Alberta Recreation and Parks Association

Barb provided group facilitation, training, research, and consulting services to ACE Communities. She worked with community leaders from 30 municipalities across Alberta, designing and facilitating six leadership retreats, researching and writing about community engagement, and conducting online facilitation sessions. She served as the community development coach with the Towns of Olds, Carstairs, and Didsbury.

Sport Calgary – year long planning process

Barb facilitated a year-long process with sport organizations to form the Calgary Sport Council. She then facilitated various sessions with the session with the Board of Directors; and facilitated focus groups with various sport Advisory Groups.

Urban Developers Institute-Calgary and City of Calgary – weekly meetings

Barb facilitated weekly meetings with the Urban Developers Institute-Calgary and City of Calgary to investigate ways of working effectively on urban subdivision infrastructure.

Shell Canada – facilitation of work coordination meetings

Barb facilitated sessions with employees on project teams to determine roles, develop plans, and build team spirit.

HRIA (Human Resources Institute of Alberta) – Facilitation of a process to develop a Collaboration Model between seven entities

Barb facilitated a seven-month process to help the provincial association and six regional associations to develop and agree upon a collaboration model.

Team Building Processes with various municipalities and organizations

Barb has facilitated team building processes ranging from one day to four months with entities such as The Calgary John Howard Society, the Town of Banff, City of St. Albert, and City of Leduc.

Other clients that Barb works with:

Rural and Co-operative Secretariat, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Various municipalities (e.g. City of Leduc, City of St. Albert, Town of Olds, Town of Innisfail) – facilitation of team building sessions

ALS Society of Alberta – facilitation of various Staff and Board workshops

City of Calgary – facilitation for various departments in team building, strategic planning

Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre, Calgary – various workshops with Board and staff to develop vision, values, and strategic plans

City of St. Albert – various workshops for community services, recreation, and culture staff

Diversity Education Stakeholders in Calgary – facilitation of organizational review and collaboration sessions

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association – facilitation of consultation workshops in three provinces

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association – training workshops in facilitation

National Crime Prevention Council (and Alberta youth organizations) – Facilitation of a provincial Think Tank on Youth Asset Development topics

Government of Alberta – facilitator at the Children’s Forum and the Symposium on the Aging Population

Calgary Winter Festival – facilitation of team building workshops

The Calgary John Howard Society – facilitation of self-directed teams

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada – Alberta Division – facilitation of team building workshops